IMG_4289FullSizeRenderHad an amazing opportunity to partner with Frameri and Enchroma to try out some glasses that help correct color blindness (yes I am Red/Green color blind).  We went 60 feet underground downtown Cincinnati (in an old prohibition era brewery tunnel) and try out the glasses.  The special thing was that the colored lights were midi mapped to chord changes on the guitar.  So, as experienced the colors for the first time, I could control the colors by playing the guitar.  It was such a cool experience . . . and talk about INSPIRING!  The frames are made by a local company – Frameri – which allow you to use the same frames and swap out different lenses – optical or sunglasses.  The special lenses for the color blind are made by the company Enchroma.  The Enchroma lenses come as indoor or outdoor lenses, so having the ability to swap lenses within the frames is super convenient.  Link to the video below —

Frameri | Enchroma Video feat. Lance Martin